Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr_Toad's wonderful and exhilarating games

It's time for you to to have the opportunity of looking some of the blog owner's games. If you know anything about Mr_Toad's personality from reading 'Wind in the Willows' then you will know that he only wants to brag about the games that he actually won ...

I find that blitz games (5 minute) very difficult and bullet games (3 minute) almost impossible (but then I'm getting on a bit). Thus, although I've won 1057 Blitz games (lost 963) - I've "convincingly managed to lose" 602 bullet games and won 475.

Comments are welcome - assuming that they are bootlicking, deferential, docile, fawning, obeisant, obsequious, servile, slavish, submissive, sycophantic, sympathetic, tender and warm-hearted.

Mr_Toad thanks you in advance.

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