Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magnus Carlsen v Bill Gates + BONUS poem!

Many years ago my brother published a poem on his website that I wrote about our old friend Bill Gates. You can see it below if you must but, be warned, my poetry is even worse than my chess!

"World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen took virtually no time in demolishing the world's richest man for a long, long time, Bill Gates, on a Norwegian-Swedish television talk show hosted by Norwegian journalist Fredrik Skavlan. It was a checkmate in nine moves and just about one minute, 20 or so seconds."
(from the "worldchesschampionship2013" website)

Google now redirects to HTTPS URLs with consequent difficulties in implementing HTML when creating blogger sites (more info here). So if you can't see the moves interactively above, here is the PGN:

January 2014
White: Magnus Carlsen (FIDE rating 2872)
Black: Bill Gates

1. e4 Nc6
2. Nf3 d5
3. Bd3 Nf6
4. exd5 Qxd5
5. Nc3 Qh5
6. O-O Bg4
7. h3 Ne5
8. hxg4 Nfxg4
9. Nxe5 Qh2#

And here's my poem. NB. 'DBS Chess' is a program written by my brother, David, for recording email chess moves, allowing the user to record all the possible variations etc.

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